IN THE NEWS - Banking CIO Outlook "The Cognitive Business Automation Platform can single-handedly undertake work that is equivalent to 10 loan processors."

STEPHEN BUTLER, GM AT AI FOUNDRY - AI Foundry and Radius Financial Group Partner to Automate Residential Mortgage Loans  
There are thousands of business niches that can benefit from AI, but perhaps none more than residential mortgage processing.


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AI Foundry: Transform or be Transformed: AI or Bust


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Product Spotlight: Agile Mortgages Solution
It's Time to Get Real with Digital Mortgages!  


Making Mortgages Smarter with Agile Technology

The mortgage lending process is notorious for its complexity but changes are coming and technology like artificial intelligence and machine-vision are providing answers to lenders.


The Digital One Office Playbook 

This playbook is designed to help you accelerate your Digital One Office initiatives by offering the practical guidance and ready-to-use information you need to achieve true transformation.


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Next Generation RPA
The Power of Intelligent Automation

Five ways software robots improve mortgage processing quality, accuracy, transparency, and profitability.

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"True, intelligent, accurate extraction solutions are hard to find. The AI Foundry approach to end-to-end mortgages with document automation, classification and extraction is fundamental to our success. It's more unique to anything we've seen in the marketplace." EVOLVE MORTGAGE SERVICES