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STEPHEN BUTLER, PRESIDENT & FOUNDER - AI Foundry and Radius Financial Group Partner to Automate Residential Mortgage Loans  
There are thousands of business niches that can benefit from AI, but perhaps none more than residential mortgage processing.


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AI Foundry: Transform or be Transformed: AI or Bust


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The Power of Cognitive Robots. Document Indexing & Filing
Learn how customers have been able to reduce 2-hour file ingestion to 90 seconds.   


Unleashing the Power of Computer Vision on Lending

Competition for lenders is more fierce than it’s ever been, and a system that can make a dramatic improvement to the speed and accuracy of data extraction is able to have a dramatic impact on the lending industry.


The Digital One Office Playbook 

This playbook is designed to help you accelerate your Digital One Office initiatives by offering the practical guidance and ready-to-use information you need to achieve true transformation.


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Next Generation RPA
The Power of Intelligent Automation

Five ways software robots improve mortgage processing quality, accuracy, transparency, and profitability.

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View our augmented reality experience and learn how the One Office is key to a frictionless mortgage process.


"In our industry, it's important to always deliver the highest level of service possible to our clients. I am very encouraged by the demonstrated results of ARTIE and how it has helped our overall process. We will continue to explore what else AI will enable us to do as we strategically grow our business."
S. Roy Chowdhury, President and CEO of Allied Mortgage Group