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Loan Application Stage

Improving customer experience by simplifying the application process.

To obtain a mortgage loan, a borrower must complete an application and provide all required documentation to the lender. When the credit department receives the application, they must review it for completeness. If all required data has not been submitted, the credit analyst must contact the borrower to procure the required information.

How Agile Mortgages helps – The platform automatically files loan documents as they are uploaded to the LOS. During this time, the cognitive robots review the application for completeness and perform a general eligibility audit on the initial application submission. Utilizing these cognitive robots helps lenders:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Retain control over the application process
  • Gain universal visibility into the status of loan applications

Loan application stage cognitive robots include: 

Document Indexing & Filing Robot

Provides a seamless integration with any existing LOS to automate the indexing and filing of loan documents upon upload.

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Application Checklist Robot

Verifies all application required data has been received and informs the LOS of missing data or documentation.

General Eligibility Robot

Certifies the loan application and supporting documents meet general eligibility requirements.

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Learn how the cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages streamline the loan manufacturing lifecycle by incorporating advanced decisioning, workflow automation and industry expertise.

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Optimize the Application Stage of the Loan Manufacturing Process

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Cognitive robots tackle key areas along the loan manufacturing process to provide swift and significant productivity lifts. 

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"The banking industry has never seen more disruption—new, innovative challengers and advanced technologies are changing market structure and taking a bite out of revenues. The time to act is now" 

- Accenture, Banking Technology Vision 2019 | The Dawn of Banking in the Post-Digital Era