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Digitize, automate and accelerate customer and back-end processes.
Our mission is to put your data to work, so that you can extract the most value from it every day. AI Foundry transforms enterprise operations by integrating information, people and processes to enable increased insight and improved decision-making. 

Enterprises and government agencies rely upon an extraordinary quantity and variety of incoming documents to perform their operations for citizens and regulated businesses. AI Foundry's solutions drive digital transformation of the government sector by focusing on two broad types of documents: applications and case/incident reports. 

Work smarter, not harder.
At AI Foundry, we truly believe that both people and organizations need to take full advantage of the information and content at their fingertips. It's about making data actionable and enabling people/departments work smarter with both new and existing information. We want to change the way we all think about data and work smarter, not harder. 

AI Foundry's agile solutions remove the burden of manually compiling, organizing and arranging relevant data. Users mitigate risk from human error, improve workflows and reduce costs associated with processing high volumes of documents. 

Digital transformation is not an option - It's a mandate.
Every day, organizations are facing increased pressure to change how they conduct business and communicate. Tech-savvy organizations are routinely replacing best-of-breed technologies, implementing shared services across agencies, moving to a Cloud environment and being thoughtful about their future technology needs while actively incorporating the latest technology trends. Don't be left behind. AI Foundry can help. Every organization is at a different point of their digital transformation journey. We not only uncover the data in existing legacy systems, but also help enrich it for future use. We are able to modify and streamline existing business processes and help provide the next leave of actionable intelligence for overall better operations.

Our powerful Agile Solutions, utilizing the latest AI and machine learning technology, delivers superior results by:

  1. Reducing manual document review times
  2. Automating processes
  3. Improving data accuracy
  4. Keeping clients engaged in the process

"The future of AI promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by speed and precision."


"A recent study estimated that 97% of business decisions are made using data that the company's own managers consider of unacceptable quality."


AI Foundry's Agile Automation solution will often be an ideal fit for public sector agencies that face a crush of documents in performing their statutory mission.


  • Benefit administration: applications for medical, disability, veteran's benefits, workmen's compensation, or otherwise 
  • Facility Permits and Licenses: applications for facilities to build or operate, especially in regulate industries (airports, aircraft repair, distilleries, firearms, customs warehouses, drug manufacturing and testing, food processing, waste management, telecommunications infrastructure)
  • Individual Permits and Licenses: applications for visas and naturalization, security clearances and facility access, federal credentialing in highly regulated industries such as securities brokerage and customs brokerage; state credentialing of medical, legal, and other professionals


  • Agency Reviews: management of initial and periodic filings related to regulated activities, such as drug, firearms, or food production; banking operations
  • Filings and Incident reports: Processing of ad hoc filings related to securities and banking operations, workplace health and safety, aviation operations, transportation infrastructure, EEOC, environmental incidents, bonding/insurance verification, inspection reports, changes in benefits entitlement, changes in regulated facility status

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