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The lending environment has changed, banks need to change too 
Digital lending (excluding mortgages) is a total addressable market of $1 trillion in the U.S., and loan origination volumes could reach $90 billion by 2020 from about $25 billion. AI and machine learning will become standard technologies by 2023, according to a report entitled “The Future-Ready Commercial Bank Report” from Cornerstone Advisors.

“The needs of the commercial customer are following the same path as the retail customer—they demand things more rapidly, there’s an expectation for quick turnarounds, and we’re expected to do more to demonstrate an understanding of risk in specific markets and segments.”
Chief Lending Officer, $4 billion bank, The Future-Ready Commercial Bank Report, Cornerstone Advisors, 2018

However, most banks’ lending processes—including online application, onboarding, processing, underwriting and funding—have yet to be overhauled through technology. That means there is still a lot of opportunity to improve productivity, close more loans and increase revenue per loan with cheaper, faster and automated services. Customers expect it. Banks will not be able to grow and meet their customers’ expectations if they continue to rely on traditional, manual processes and channels that could be automated.

The time to make your move is now
Commercial borrowers are consumers too. These borrowers want technology-driven conveniences they get with retail banks and other providers. AI Foundry allows them to do just that with an easy to use technology that borrowers have come to expect.

Audit First

To ensure organizations are getting the most out of their investment, AI Foundry has created a comprehensive interactive checklist feature that will enable both the borrower and the commercial loan officer to identify the types of documents needed based upon the loan type.

Third-Party Integrations

Eliminate a last mile technology gap with our LOS First for third-party integration. Our seamless integration with your existing lending platform provides a complete end-to-end solution. Individual business rules are processed against loan documents and data is automatically extracted and synced.

Additional Features

Agile Lending standard features streamline the loan process with customizable dashboards and reports, actionable insights on individuals loan processors, the loans themselves, workflows and notes for collaboration.

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"Banks are missing opportunities to use emerging technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial banking processes." 


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AI Foundry’s powerful Agile Lending solution, utilizes the latest AI and machine learning technology, and delivers superior results by:

Automation processes 

  • Reviewing public information on geography, industry classification, revenue and collateral filings can be accessed and used more efficiently to improve commercial banking marketing efforts 
  • Reviewing customer data such as DDA balances, business credit card, revolving/term debt availability and utilization, trade finance, and treasury product usage to prioritize the credit needs of clients and prospects 
  • Ordering of flood, property and UCC searches, good standing certs, appraisals/equipment valuations, etc., in addition to confirming what has been received and evaluated. 
  • Reducing manual document review times of tax, insurance, accounting, account receivables and payables documents. 
  • Reviewing 4506T forms and annual tax forms

Improving data accuracy

  • Using rules-based logic to classify data into a desired format, with the resulting file imported into a spreading system 
  • Achieving Straight Through Processing (STP) and eliminating duplicate data entry and validation of critical data elements
  • Improving demonstrable data integrity, reporting accuracy and agility

Giving customers visibility into the status of applications and improving communications 

  • Improving process transparency (e.g., accelerated loan closings and borrower online access to submit credit request, view decision status, uploading of required documents, etc. 

Automating annual review

  • Streamline the entire annual audit process by automatically re-verifying all the data and documents, including the annual tax returns and financial statements, and confirming that covenants have been met for a valid loan. 

The Future of Lending Is Now

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Financing commercial real estate projects is a complex business and servicing these loans requires an advanced skill set. Commercial lenders need a more intelligent, agile solution to originate or service commercial real estate financing transactions at the same time they attempt to lower costs. 

AI Foundry's Agile Lending solution can transform your business into a model that is appreciated by your customers, revered by your competitors, and created the highest return per loan. 

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"Overall, bankers aren't very comfortable with the state of their commercial banking capabilities. Bankers rate commercial lending and treasury/cash management among the least "future-ready" functions in banks, as less than three in 10 bank executives think their commercial banking functions are somewhat or very future-ready."