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Our powerful Agile Mortgages Solution, utilizing the latest in AI and machine-learning can automate and reduce manual document review, improve data accuracy, and enhance performance from POS to LOS.

The time is now.  Customers in this digital age expect financial organizations to provide streamlined, automated, and real-time interactions regardless of the product or service. Banks and lending institutions must digitally transform their businesses to provide these types of interactions and stay competitive. AI Foundry brings an end-to-end automated approach to loan management from ingesting required loan documents, processing, and underwriting to mortgage post-closing, selling, and servicing while efficiently connecting the front and back office operations for a superior customer experience.

"84% of executives agree that through technology, companies are weaving themselves seamlessly into the fabric of how people live today."
Accenture Technology Vision Report 2018

Agile Mortgages Solution

Creating Future-Ready and Frictionless Mortgages with Actionable Intelligence.

Document Library

With 50-70% of mortgage document types and fields pre-trained our customers can move into their production environments months sooner allowing customers to reduce implementation time, improve data accuracy, and accelerate the ROI.

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LOS Integrations

Eliminate a last mile technology gap with our LOS First for Encompass Integration. Our seamless integration with your existing LOS provides a complete end-to-end mortgages solution. Individual business rules are processed against loan documents and data is automatically extracted and synced to a loan's eFolder.

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Audit First

A series of unique rules throughout the origination process like Loan Review QA, Pre-Funding QA, and Post-Closing QC enable our audit module to continually review an "in-flight" loan to find errors early in the origination process saving significant time and money.

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Additional Features

Agile Mortgages standard features are designed to streamline loan processing... customizable dashboards and reports with insights on branches, loan processors, and individual loans, intelligent checklists, re-verification workflows, notes for collaboration ... and much more.

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Are you Future-Ready?
View our augmented reality experience and learn how the One Office is key to a frictionless mortgage process.

Our Agile Mortgages Solution is built on user-guided machine learning.
This flexible platform helps with all phases of the mortgage process:

Loan Origination

Automate internal processes to increase throughput, make your customer part of the process and provide a fantastic CX.


Manage post-close QC process - audits, trailing document identification and document completeness. Streamline onboarding by extracting data to feed the servicing platform.

Secondary Markets

Get additional data from loan documents to fully assess loan positions and bundles for sale into the secondary market.

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"Four in five North American bank operations leaders believe their bank's survival depends on updating legacy systems to innovate faster."