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AI Foundry's Agile Solutions bring together the front and back office creating a digital ONE OFFICE to streamline processes across the entire organization. With a single end to end solution supporting the classification and extraction of documents and data, lenders can improve accuracy, reduce errors, and increase throughput. 

In today's digital economy, the needs of the customer are forcing organizations to rethink the organizational silos of the front and back office. By leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and user-guided machine learning capabilities, AI Foundry helps companies maximize the value of their digital data to improve their overall business outcomes. Our solutions reduce human involvement during the banking or lending process as much as possible and apply it on intervention basis. The data is extracted from the documents, automatically populating the system of record. Only when there is a missing document, piece of information or signature missing does a human get involved. Any incorrect information is flagged so that the information is corrected even before the application is submitted. Doing it right the first time streamlines the entire process and provides a great customer experience. In turn, this increases customer interaction, satisfaction, and loyalty; which allows lenders to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

With our next-gen Cognitive Business Automation platform with advanced AI technology you can streamline processes and provide a great customer experience -increase customer interaction, satisfaction, and loyalty and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

The AI Foundry Solutions can: 

  • Reduce time spent on "stare and compare" activities
  • Improve accuracy rates 
  • Identify and rectify errors earlier 
  • Help to achieve continual compliance and avoid fines 
  • Reduce risk and cut time to close a loan in half 
  • Increase pull through ratio by 50% 
  • Reduce time to close by 50% 
  • Provide a better view of the data and populate the LOS faster than ever before

"82% of companies using data to drive critical and automated decision making at unprecedented scale." 


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"Being at the forefront of industry change, we didn't have all the answers or even know what questions to ask. The AI Foundry team took our scenarios and developed a solution to get to the data and automate the entire loan process. We are now ahead of many other lenders because of the Agile Mortgages solution we've implemented." 


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Our Technology

The AI Foundry Cognitive Business Automation Platform is built with a model-driven, microservices architecture that enables rapid design, development and operation for faster decision making. The platform automates processes by quickly extracting data from electronic images and documents with superior accuracy and minimal manual intervention.  This next-gen technology offers notable improvements in performance, interface and implementation capabilities. 

AI Foundry is leading the way with next-gen advanced AI. 

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