Agile Mortgages

Agile Mortgages

Bringing Agility to Mortgages with Advanced AI

In today’s digital economy, customer needs are forcing lenders to rethink the organizational silos of the front and back office. By leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence and user-guided machine learning, Agile Mortgages helps organizations maximize digital data to improve overall business outcomes.

The cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages automate the process of identifying, verifying, validating and flagging defects during the loan manufacturing process. The AI-based cognitive robots complete these tasks continuously without fatigue, reducing errors and increasing productivity.

Each robot performs an end-to-end automation of a process by:

  • Classifying relevant documents
  • Extracting relevant fields from documents
  • Validating rules and conditions
  • Updating the LOS with data

The end result — loan officers, processors and underwriters can take immediate corrective action on identified defect conditions, fixing problems early so the loan continues to move forward.

Streamlining the way loan data is processed; reducing errors, increasing efficiency and improving overall customer experience.

"82% of companies using data to drive critical and automated decision making at unprecedented scale." 


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"The AI-based approach is already paying off. The two largest work groups are loan processors/analysts and loan officer assistants, and data on the tasks they work on suggested that 30-35% of their workday was spent on indexing and classifying documents. 

After 20 months of investment in the AI system, they know just how many person-hours they have saved. Overall, they’ve already driven their loan manufacturing cost down by 70%." 


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Our Technology

The AI Foundry Cognitive Business Automation Platform is built with a model-driven, microservices architecture that enables rapid design, development and operation for faster decision making. The platform automates processes by quickly extracting data from electronic images and documents with superior accuracy and minimal manual intervention.  This next-gen technology offers notable improvements in performance, interface and implementation capabilities. 

AI Foundry is leading the way with next-gen advanced AI. 

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