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Closing, Post Closing & Shipping Stage

Eliminating loan defects with purpose-built technology.

Post closing is performed after mortgage documents have been signed and returned to fund a loan. This process involves rigorous auditing and reporting to ensure all documentation is accurate and in compliance with underwriting and loan processing rules.

How Agile Mortgages helps – The cognitive robots assist lenders with the management of loan files before delivery to respective custodial service providers. Utilizing these cognitive robots helps lenders:

  • Ensure receipt of signed and funded loan documents from various loan stages
  • Review legal, origination and HMDA documents for regulatory compliance
  • Conduct loan data integrity checks and provide quality control reports stating any exceptions

Closing, post closing and shipping stage cognitive robots include: 

Closing & Post Closing Checklist Robot

Verifies all standard closing documents are present in the closing package for delivery to Fannie Mae.

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Signature Verification Robot

Automates the process of verifying all standard disclosures and closing documents are signed.

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Investor Eligibility Robot

Verifies program specific documents are present in the loan package and flags missing documentation.

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Learn how the cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages streamline the loan manufacturing lifecycle by incorporating advanced decisioning, workflow automation and industry expertise.

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Optimize the Closing Stage of the Loan Manufacturing Process

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Cognitive robots tackle key areas along the loan manufacturing process to provide swift and significant productivity lifts. 

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