Agile Mortgages

Loan Processing Stage

Overcoming the challenges of loan processing by automating manual document processes.

Once an application has been submitted, the processing of the mortgage begins. This stage acts as a preliminary review of data and documents to verify the information submitted by the borrower on the application is accurate. This process is often tedious and requires back and forth communication between the borrower and loan processor.

How Agile Mortgages helps – The cognitive robots automate the process of identifying, verifying, validating and flagging missing data and documents. Utilizing these cognitive robots helps lenders:

  • Reduce processing times
  • Lower overall processing costs
  • Decrease error rates

Loan processing stage cognitive robots include: 

Processing Review - Credit & Liabilities Robot

Flags and creates preliminary conditions in the LOS for initial credit and liabilities verification.

Processing Review – Income & Employment Robot

Checks and verifies documentation to support initial income data on loan application.

Processing Review – Assets Robot

Flags and creates preliminary conditions in the LOS for initial asset verification.

Processing Review – Property, Insurance & Title Robot

Automates the process of verifying initial property, insurance and title related checks.

Optimize the Processing Stage of the Loan Manufacturing Process

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Cognitive robots tackle key areas along the loan manufacturing process to provide swift and significant productivity lifts. 

Where in the lending lifecycle do you need greater efficiency?

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