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Loan Purchasing Stage

Providing compliance and transparency for successful loan transfers.

After closing a mortgage loan, a lender will often sell it to an investor via the secondary market. Secondary market investors race to purchase loan packages before their competition. Correspondent lenders, loan aggregators and investors must embrace automated processes to streamline loan acquisition and the sale and delivery of loans to the secondary market.

How Agile Mortgages helps – The cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages ensure all required, standard post close documents are present. The data is then verified and returned in a format suitable for analysis and bidding. Utilizing these cognitive robots helps lenders:

  • Perform complete pre-purchase reviews of closing packages to significantly improve accuracy and turnaround time.
  • Ensure accurate completion of the closing disclosure (CD) to maintain compliance with TRID regulation requirements.
  • Improve the ability to capture loan details from investor’s LOS by automating review of the closing package and reconciling data from the automated underwriting system (AUS) and CD.

Loan purchasing stage cognitive robots include: 

Correspondent Package Verification Robot

Confirms standard post close documents required by the correspondent lender are present and accurate.

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Correspondent Loan Data Verification Robot

Verifies data from the loan package and returns it in a format suitable for analysis and bid.

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TRID Verification Robot

Validates tolerances and red flags from data on the loan estimate (LE), closing disclosure (CD) and 1003.

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Learn how the cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages streamline the loan manufacturing lifecycle by incorporating advanced decisioning, workflow automation and industry expertise.

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