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Underwriting Stage

Loan underwriting is critical to the mortgage process and demands lender attention.

Once the processor has put together the complete loan package with all verifications and documentation, the package is sent to underwriting. The underwriting stage involves analysis of all the data to determine if the package is deemed an acceptable loan. If a flawed or biased report is generated, it can set a lender up for poor decision making.

How Agile Mortgages helps – The platform makes the underwriting process more efficient by providing instant outputs, that once took up to 60 days to obtain with manual processing. The cognitive robots can refer applications to manual underwriting for certain verifications in the final phases of the lending process. Utilizing these cognitive robots helps lenders:

  • Ensure loans meet secondary market guidelines
  • Reduce the potential for loan defects
  • Evaluate the risk involved in approving the loan

Underwriting stage cognitive robots include: 

Underwriting Review – Credit & Liabilities Robot

Automates the process of verifying credit and liabilities checks for loans delivered to Fannie Mae.

Underwriting Review – Income & Employment Robot

Automates the process of validating income and employment.

Underwriting Review – Assets Robot

Automates the process of performing detailed asset checks for loans delivered to Fannie Mae.

Underwriting Review – Property, Insurance & Title Robot

Automates the process of performing detailed property, insurance, title and appraisal related checks.

Optimize the Underwriting Stage of the Loan Manufacturing Process

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