Technology Provides Customers with Speed and Simplicity

To remain competitive in today's mortgage industry customer experience must be top of mind.

Retail banks cannot rely on traditional distribution and marketing models to deliver the banking customer experience that people demand today.

According to Accenture, too many banks take a systems-first, customer-last approach to serving people. To remain competitive in today's mortgage industry customer experience must be top of mind. 

Customer's want simplicity and speed.

The new Agile Mortgages solution built on our Cognitive Business Automation Platform provides your customer's with the experience they want:

  • Simplicity. Through process automation and intelligent robots Agile Mortgages eliminates lost or misfiled documents and minimizes human interaction that can lead to errors. The result is timely, efficient, and transparent loan processing that keeps borrowers informed throughout the loan life cycle. Loan officers are better able to provide one-on-one support at key moments after initial inquiry.
  • Speed. Using AI and machine learning, the Agile Mortgages solution enables loans to be processed 50% faster. Customers are brought to closing much faster as documents and data are accurately classified, extracted, and analyzed for discrepancies resulting in issues being resolved prior to closing and a reduction in the time spent reviewing and clearing loan conditions.

Learn how AI and Machine Learning technology leveraged in our Agile Mortgages solution can improve customer experience! 

Technology Advantage

This paper examines the limitations of text-based classification and extraction and highlights the distinct benefits of vision-based classification and extraction technology. 

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Steve Butler, GM of AI Foundry, shares Industry-level predictions on changes coming in the mortgage industry as a result of advances in AI technology.

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"84% of executives agree that through technology, companies are weaving themselves seamlessly into the fabric of how people live today."
Accenture Vision Technology Report 2018