Cognitive Business Automation

AI, Machine Learning and Machine Vision

Bringing Actionable Intelligence to Document-Intensive Processes

Unrivaled Technology

AI Foundry's Cognitive Business Automation Platform with cognitive robots incorporates the latest in AI, machine learning and machine vision to provide high level problem solving and decision making.

Built with a model-driven, microservices architecture that enables rapid development and operation, the platform automates processes by quickly extracting data from documents with superior accuracy and minimal manual intervention. AI Foundry guarantees a 2-hour turnaround utilizing any cognitive robot and a 4-hour turnaround to complete a correspondent loan package. All with 99% accuracy out-of-the-box.

The Secret to Making AI Actionable 

Data Curation

Through collaboration between the customer and data scientists, AI Foundry creates a sample model to pre-process data into a powerful training set that includes content, quality, relevance.

Vision Science

Using machine learning and vision-based image recognition, the platform automates document-centric processes to quickly and accurately classify and train visual content.

Closed-Loop Learning

Fast learning and the ability to adapt are key to on going improvement. Our models are low-touch, self-learning and continue to improve in accuracy over time. 

Platform Capabilities

Computer vision and AI to accurately process documents in the context of your business workflows and in real time

Elastic Microservices based architecture to scale up or out based on demand and load characteristics

Self service Robotic process automation using intuitive Cognitive Robots

Self-tuning and adaptive machine learning models that continuously improves on usage feedback

Install anywhere on your premise of choice or use our secure cloud based SAAS service

Seamless integrations to your system of record using a comprehensive set of Public REST API interfaces. 

What Makes Us Special? 

Agile Mortgages Solution is based upon an intelligent-automation platform designed to help lenders optimize processes through the mortgage origination lifecycle. By automating the typical repetitive, low-value, tasks that accompany a mortgage origination process, these lenders can simultaneously accelerate certain aspects of the origination process to close loan more quickly, better scale their capacity based on demand, an reassign their more experienced staff to improve quality of service that borrowers receive. In the end, that means lower cost and greater origination volumes.

Our Cognitive Business Automation Platform with intelligent robots offers notable improvements in performance, interface and implementation capabilities. 


By implementing the Agile Mortgages solution, lenders generally see a rapid return on their investment. With an implementation time as short as 60-90 days the solution can be up and running in production quickly. The Agile Mortgage solution automates the entire mortgage origination process and lenders are quickly able to reap the cost saving benefits in months, not years.  


Using machine vision technology to extract and classify data and information, our solution boasts a day one 99% verified out-of-the-box (OOB) accuracy rate and a guaranteed 2-hour turn-around on any robot and 4-hour turn-around on complete correspondent loan packages. This allows lenders to see ROI immediately.


Our platform leverages the intrinsic economy of major cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, taking advantage of the low-cost core capacity for performance of our software engine at nearly any scale of use. Solutions are built on an elastic microservice-based architecture that can efficiently exploit modern cloud-based and virtualized infrastructures to scale up or out on demand.  


Using modern token-based authentication and authorization mechanisms, other systems and applications can simply and securely call these services in the context of their business process workflows allowing the system to grow and shrink quickly. Seamless integrations to other software can be implemented in a fraction of the time it takes today with minimal disruption to the user experience.


AI Foundry's Cognitive Business Automation Platform incorporates the latest in AI, machine learning and machine vision technology. This patent pending technology is currently being used in the mortgage industry and can be applied to other vertical markets.

In the News 

Banking CIO Outlook 
"Deploying the latest AI along with machine learning and vision-based classification technology will help radically transform the lending process and bring transparency and trust back to the customer a typical five-star scale." 

"One key benefit to implementing AI is how fast all of this processing, verification, and classification can be done. There are more than 600 rules that could apply to a loan, so from a volume and capacity standpoint, there is a significant advantage to automating loan and rules processing."

BAI Banking Strategies
"AI-driven approach helps banks and other lenders make data more actionable, allowing teams to identify, understand and use information in a way that they never have before. This can improve efficiency and make staffs more productive, while also freeing up staff time for more customer-facing work that can help build the business."

Daily Mortgage News
" OCR will give way to artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables machines to “read and react” to human-written content. This will enable a boom in “white collar automation” where manual document processes (such as mortgage processing) are replaced by software-based robotics processing." 

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