Community Document Model

Adaptive, Self-Learning AI Provides Continuous Improvement

Central to the cognitive robots within Agile Mortgages is the Community Document Model. Using patent-pending cognitive technologies that incorporate the latest in AI, machine learning and machine vision, the model automates document-based processes by extracting data from documents at blazing speeds with superior accuracy.

The platform utilizes deep learning algorithms to ensure the document recognition model is context aware, self-learning, self-tuning and adaptive based on usage and human interaction during exception handling. It is this self-learning feedback loop provided by the lending community that ensures the model is continuously learning and trained on new documents variants. As lenders upload documentation, the Community Document Model recognizes slight variations and learns from the new data. As this data is compiled the model continues to grow, benefiting the entire user community.

Ready to get started? AI Foundry guarantees a 2-hour turnaround utilizing any cognitive robot and a 4-hour turnaround to complete a correspondent loan package. All with 99% accuracy out-of-the-box.