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Product Spotlight: Agile Mortgages Solution

It's Time to Get Real with Digital Mortgages

Learn how our Agile Mortgages solution is helping companies rethink and re-imagine their manual mortgage processes.

The time is now.  Customers in this digital age expect financial organizations to provide streamlined, automated, and real-time interactions regardless of the product or service. Banks and lending institutions must digitally transform their businesses to provide these types of interactions and stay competitive. 

This Product Spotlight will share how Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine vision, and machine learning technology are enhancing the mortgage process. Learn how the Agile Mortgages solution can help your organization:

  • Reduce loan processing times by 50%
  • Speed mortgage approvals from weeks to hours
  • Achieve an average savings of $500-$600 per loan

Learn more about the latest advancements in our Agile Mortgages solution and we will share the ROI value from automation efficiencies including new capabilities:

  • Powerful Rules Engine allows clients to create intelligent robotic agents to automatically monitor completeness, integrity and compliance
  • New Mortgage Document Model enables any lender to upload its loan application material and in return receive fully indexed and extracted data within seconds and delivers 95% accuracy
  • Quick-Start Automation - Customers can move into their production environments months sooner allowing customers to reduce implementation time, improve data accuracy, and accelerate the ROI

End Game: Higher Volumes. Lower Costs. Loyal Customers. ​

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