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The Power of Cognitive Robots. Document Indexing & Filing

On-Demand (Part I)
Learn how cognitive robots help your organization take control of its bottom line, by leveraging powerful AI technology that automates more than 50% of manual tasks.

Our customers are reporting that these are unprecedented times. The bond market rallies have been unsurpassed resulting in the lowest mortgage rates in history and the largest application pipeline in 27 years. With that alone, it is no surprise lenders do not have enough staff to effectively push loans through the manufacturing line.

Adding to that, lenders are faced with COVID-19 and are currently phasing their staff to work remote. Customers have shared that they are transitioning approximately 95% of employees effective immediately and struggling to come up with an approach that does not disrupt production.

How can AI Foundry help?
AI Foundry has developed a suite of cognitive robots within our Agile Mortgages solution, specifically designed to perform mortgage production functions and integrate directly with your LOS. Cognitive robots are easily deployed, require no professional services to implement, and are priced on a per-closed-loan basis, helping to minimize costs and accelerate time to value.

View our 20-minute webinar highlighting key ways AI Foundry can help optimize your application ingestion process and streamline processing, underwriting, closing, and the sale of loans to GSEs or correspondent investors.

Document Indexing & Filing
Providing AI assistance for efficient and rapid workflow — Learn how customers have been able to reduce 2-hour file ingestion to 90 seconds.

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