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As the mortgage industry braces for even more market uncertainty in 2019, emerging technologies that improve the borrower experience and streamline back-office tasks may provide a glimmer of hope to beleaguered lenders.

December 26, 2018 by Elina Tarkazikis

AI Foundry's Founder & President, Steve Butler, discusses how "one-stop shops" will only accelerate next year with the help of technology.

Since mortgage companies will be forced to compete not only with themselves, but larger players leveraging their customer bases, the industry can expect to see growth in mergers and acquisitions activity in 2019. Companies will move to acquire new tech, while also expanding their footprint.

"Ultimately it's about automation, it's about having the best margins, offering the most disruptive pricing, all of that I think comes together, and I think acquisitions will follow along those lines," explained Butler.

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