White Paper
Achieving Higher Accuracy with Vision-Based Classification and Extraction Technology
Machine Learning and Machine Vision technologies are offering banks and lenders the opportunity to achieve significantly higher accuracy rates compared to current technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and text-based methods.
Optimize Your Encompass System for Accelerated Mortgage Processing
Mortgage Providers Look to AI to Process Home Loans Faster
The technology is speedier than manually processing mortgage applications, but some worry it also is more prone to errors
On Demand Webinar: Agile Mortgages Product Spotlight
Download a recorded playback of this live event to see first-hand how Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine vision, and machine learning technology are enhancing the mortgage process. This webinar showcases the latest advancements in our NEW Agile Mortgages solution and shares the ROI value from automation efficiencies.
Case Study
Javelin: Agile Mortgages Case Study
Exploring the role that intelligent automation is playing in transforming mortgage processing at Atlantic Home Loans with AI Foundry's Agile Mortgages solution.
Solution Brief
Agile Mortgages Solution
Revolutionizing the Mortgage Process with Agile Mortgages
Solution Brief
Agile Mortgages LOS Integration for Encompass
Enhancing Encompass Performance from POS to LOS
Welcome to the Machines
AI and machine learning could be transformative for mortgage—if they’re leveraged properly.
On Demand Webinar: HMDA Reporting Requirements
Download a recorded playback of this live event as experts from AI Foundry discuss the recent HMDA challenges and share insights into processes that could make teams more efficient and cost effective by dealing with compliance in real time.
On Demand Webinar: Intelligent Lending: The Rise of AI
Download a recorded playback of this live event as experts from AI Foundry and leading banks explore the benefits and challenges of using artificial intelligence in the mortgage industry.
Creating Seamless Lending Experiences Through AI
MReports article positions the mortgage industry as quick to look towards AI to streamline its processes.
Putting the ‘Instant’ in Instant Mortgages
Moving Toward Real-World Instant Mortgages: AI Leads the Way