On Demand Webinar: Raising the Return on Mortgage Lending
Turning Documents into "Actionable Intelligence" for Secure Sharing & Automatic Routing
Expanded Small Business Lending Opportunities with Agile Solutions Infographic
Explore how small business lenders are finding solutions to the challenges they face as opportunities continue to grow.
AR Experience
Augmented Reality Experience showcases Digital One Office
Download the AI Foundry app to learn more about the Digital One office through our Augmented Reality Experience
Interview with Steve Butler, General Manager & Founder of AI Foundry
Learn how AI Foundry's Agile Mortgages Solution brings together the front and back office creating a Digital One Office to streamline and automate the entire mortgage process.
Solution Brief
Agile Banking Solution
Creating a Future-Ready and Frictionless Banking Experience with Actionable Intelligence
Finovate Fall 2018: Creating the One Office, Future Ready and Frictionless Mortgage Process with Agile Mortgages
Catch the replay of the live demo at Finovate Fall 2018 in NYC.
Expanded Small Business Lending Opportunities with Agile Solutions
Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. Read on to learn how they are finding solutions to the challenges they face as they look for growth opportunities.
Commercial Lenders Require Agile Solutions as Volumes Rise Infographic
Learn more about the key challenges commercial lenders face and learn how they are finding solutions.
5 Things You Need to Know About "Digitalizing" Core Organizational Processes Infographic
Explore 5 key highlights from the Digitalizing Core Organizations Processes Industry Watch.
Case Study
Certainty Home Loans LLC
Featured in the June 2018 Banking Technology edition of CIOReview, Certainty Home Loans, LLC shares their experience with AI Foundry and how we helped to address their challenges with data.
CIOReview Magazine
AI Foundry is the disruptive force behind future-ready mortgages bringing an end-to-end, automated approach to loan management.
20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers 2018
View CIOReview's 20 most promising Banking Technology Solutions 2018 and how AI Foundry is leading the way!