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CEO CFO Magazine Interview with General Manager, Steve Butler, Shares Insight into AI Foundry's Success

AI Foundry's General Manager, Steven Butler, provides a candid interview with CEOCFO Magazine to discuss our Agile Solutions and how the unique combination of automation and actionable intelligence streamlines document intensive businesses in the financial and insurance industries.

"We formed AI Foundry as the enterprise software business unit of Kodak Alaris and our vision is to bring disruptive technology and solutions to document intensive businesses including lending, mortgage origination and servicing, insurance claims processing, customer onboarding and healthcare onboarding.” - Steve Butler

This Q&A format shares insight into AI Foundry's success as Steve explains how our core user guided machine learning, workflow and business process management technologies are at the heart of our actionable intelligence solutions. We combine those components with Kodak Alaris’s strong image science technology to create a powerful and unique solution for document intensive business processes. We can take a document, unstructured, structured or semi structured and extract intelligence from that document and then start a workflow or robotic process automation instance to automate very manual processes.

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