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Banking CIO Outlook

Reimagining How a Mortgage is Manufactured

AI Foundry is the disruptive force behind future-ready mortgages bringing an end-to-end, automated approach to loan management while efficiently connecting the front and back office operations for a superior customer experience.

In this new Banking CIO Outlook article, Steve Butler, Founder and President of AI Foundry, shares three key trends that are having a significant impact on how mortgages are originated in the U.S. 

  1. The rise and fall of offshoring the origination process;
  2. the sea-change in the use of new technology with the precipitous decline in “old school” OCR technology 
  3. And, the notion of the instant mortgage. 

Learn how AI Foundry’s Agile Mortgages solution impacts each of these trends and what banks can do today to effect  change in their organizations.

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