Case Study
Evolve Mortgage Services
Featured in the June 2018 Banking Technology edition of CIOReview, Evolve Mortgage Services shares their experience with AI Foundry and how we helped to address their challenges with data.
Commercial Lenders Require Agile Solutions
Financing commercial real estate projects is a complex business and servicing these loans requires an advanced skillset.
AIIM Industry Watch: Digitalizing Core Business Processes
The AIIM Industry Watch "Digitalizing" Core Business Processes, recognizes that regardless of the type of business, digital transformation is happening and the need to digitalize the core business processes is imperative to remain competitive.
Solution Brief
Mortgage Document Library
Pre-trained mortgage document types and fields reduces implementation time and accelerates the ROI.
Solution Brief
LOS First Connector for Ventures+
AI Foundry has built seamless integrations with many of the industry's leading loan origination systems (LOS) as well as integrated directly with many proprietary systems providing customers a superior process with end-to-end digital benefits.
Solution Brief
Audit First Module
Achieve Continual Compliance with the Audit First Module
The Mortgage Lending Process of the Future
Explore 5 recent news trends that make the case for digital lending.
Finovate Spring 2018
Reinventing the Core of the Mortgage Loan Process with Digital Transformation
The Mortgage Lending Process of the Future Infographic
5 recent news trends and makes the case for digital lending in this infographic.
American Banker's Penny Pod Podcast Series
In preparation for Digital Banking 2018, Penny Crosman, American Bank
Solution Brief
LOS First Connector for Byte
Get Essential Data To Your Byte LOS Without Data Entry
Solution Brief
LOS First Connector for Encompass
Get Essential Data To Your Encompass eFolder Without Data Entry