Correspondent Package Verification Cognitive Robot
Verifying Loan Packages for Correspondent Pre-Purchase Analysis and Bid Readiness
Indexing & Filing Cognitive Robot
AI Assistance for Efficient & Rapid Workflow
Detect the Defects
Featured in the March 2020 Scotsman Guide, Steve Butler shares how lenders can utilze cognitive robots to detect defects.
Rules-Based Processing & The Power of Robotic Agents
Learn how AI Foundry's powerful rules engine enables automated robotic agents to monitor completeness, integrity and compliance.
Case Study
Radius mortgage group inc.
Featured in the November 2019 article, Radius shares how they are becoming a tech pioneer in mortgage processing.
Humans won’t be involved in majority of mortgage originations within 2 years
Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to revolutionize the world we live in today.
Unleashing the Power of Computer Vision on Lending
Explore the eBook to learn more about AI Foundry's path to Computer Vision and its advantages for the industry.
How AI Can Vastly Reduce Mortgage Lending Process from Weeks to Days — or Less.
CU Broadcast host, Mike Lawson, speaks with Steve Butler to discuss how we are able to accelerate mortgage lending process from several weeks down to a couple of days -- or less.
Big data and AI: 3 real-world use cases
Big data and artificial intelligence work together to help companies improve customer experiences in new ways.
Next Generation RPA
A New Generation of RPA Adds Greater Cognitive Capabilities and Intelligence
Mortgage Media Interview - AI Will Transform Mortgage Industry
Tom Wilkins of Mortgage Media spoke with Steve Butler, Founder and General Manager of AI Foundry, at the California MBA Innovators Conference in San Diego, and discussed how AI and Machine Learning will disrupt the mortgage industry.
Take me to your lender: How robotic agents fight mortgage processing profit drains
Five Ways That Software Robots Improve Mortgage Processing Quality, Accuracy, Transparency and Profitability