What Sets AI Foundry Apart
Alan Swahn, Vice President of Marketing, shares AI Foundry's two prong approach.
Digital Mortgage 2017: Agile Mortgages with Alexa
See how customers can use virtual assistant technology to get the status of their mortgage application.
Digital Disruption is Driving Better Decisions
Explore how industries, specifically banking and fintech, adapt to disruptive technology.
Stephen Butler Discusses AI Foundry's Growth Strategy
Discussing the growth strategy for AI Foundry, Steve Butler, Founder and President, shares how we are designed to be nimble, prepared to scale and layered with a team of experts to facilitate this.
CEO CFO Magazine Interview with General Manager, Steve Butler, Shares Insight into AI Foundry's Success
Steve explains how our core user guided machine learning, workflow and business process management technologies are at the heart of our actionable intelligence solutions.
Becoming a Technology Transformist in a Data Driven World
AIIM Industry Watch: Improving Business Operations in 2017
Learn how capture is the first step in gathering vital business information, and the trigger of many business processes.
Marc Jourlait shares his vision for AI Foundry
AI Foundry to Help Transform Customer Experiences.
Solution Brief
Agile Mortgages Solution
Creating Future-Ready and Frictionless Mortgages with Actionable Intelligence
Business Process Automation 2017
Download our Infographic to view key take-aways from AIIM Industry Watch Report: Business Process Automation 2017.
AIIM Industry Watch: Governance and Compliance
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Transform Content into Insights
Automating data extraction and analysis are essential to unlocking the value of data in your key business processes.