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American Banker's Penny Pod Podcast Series

Digital Mortgages of the Future

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Digital Mortgages of the Future
Sid Probstein, Chief Technology Officer, AI Foundry

In this podcast, Penny Crosman, American Banker's Editor at Large and Digital Banking chairperson, chats with Sid Probstein, Chief Technology Officer at AI Foundry about the future of digital banking.

Sid shares how technology is changing the way mortgages are done and the insights that can be dug out of mortgage data with the use of analytics. Listen in as they discuss how banks modernize mortgages, and the vast opportunities to do more with the data they collect in the process. 

The Future of Digital Banking? Ambient Computing

Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer at U.S. Bank, explains how banks can make use of computing environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people.


What the Virtual Assistant of the Future will Look Like

USAA lets members bank with Alexa today, but in the future they may be banking off countertops and walls, says Chief Innovation Officer Zachary Gipson.

Responsible AI

Cathy Bessant, chief operations and technology officer at Bank of America, offers her perspective on the best use cases for AI in banking and the many ethical considerations banks need to take into account as they deploy AI.

Trends That Will Affect Mobile Banking in 2018 and Beyond

How can banks go beyond being a utility and get to digital engagement? Javelin analyst Jacob Jegher shares several ideas.

Secrets of a Successful Challenger Bank.

Nicolas Kopp, US CEO of N26, a German challenger bank, talks about The Bank of the Future.

Designing Digital Banking Millennials Will Like.

Melissa Stevens, chief digital officer at Fifth Third, shares some of the efforts her bank has made to figure out what millennials want and build products around them.

Financial Supermarkets Are Dead. Long Live Niche Financial Startups.

In the first podcast, Daniel Kimerling, Founder, VC and Provocateur, sits down with American Banker editor at large Penny Crossman to talk about the next big things in digital banking. In the world of digital distribution, segmentation is the key, says Kimerling.