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AIIM Industry Watch: Digitalizing Core Business Processes

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The new AIIM Industry Watch "Digitalizing" Core Business Processes, recognizes that regardless of the type of business, digital transformation is happening and the need to digitalize the core business processes is imperative to remain competitive. Moving to a new digital state, based on intelligent information management (IIM) practices that integrate people, process, information and technology to achieve greater operational efficiency, improve regulatory and legal compliance, enable more agility to change, and enhance customer experience is the best approach.

Our Agile Solutions helps companies maximize the value of their digital data to improve their overall business outcomes. Making the data actionable so that companies can use it to transform business processes and operations, offer new products and services, provide better customer service, and save costs, while differentiating themselves from their competitors is the goal for organizations both large and small. AI Foundry helps companies transform their business operations in a “truly digital” fashion by converting their data into actionable business intelligence.