Rules-Based Processing & The Power of Robotic Agents
Learn how AI Foundry's powerful rules engine enables automated robotic agents to monitor completeness, integrity and compliance.
How AI Can Vastly Reduce Mortgage Lending Process from Weeks to Days — or Less.
CU Broadcast host, Mike Lawson, speaks with Steve Butler to discuss how we are able to accelerate mortgage lending process from several weeks down to a couple of days -- or less.
Return on Investment
Thrive in Today's Competitive Mortgage Market
Agile Mortgages Solution Explained
Learn how our Agile Mortgages Solution creates a “Digital One Office” by integrating both the front- and back office.
AR Experience
Augmented Reality Experience showcases Digital One Office
Download the AI Foundry app to learn more about the Digital One office through our Augmented Reality Experience
Interview with Steve Butler, General Manager & Founder of AI Foundry
Learn how AI Foundry's Agile Mortgages Solution brings together the front and back office creating a Digital One Office to streamline and automate the entire mortgage process.