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On-Demand Webinar: Raising the Return on Mortgage Lending

The mortgage market continues to evolve, there are some alarming trends starting to surface:

  • Interest Rates are rising causing many to realize their goal of home ownership is harder to achieve
  • Existing home sales are at a 3 year low
  • Analysts are predicting a buyers market as inventory begins to recover (MarketWatch 2018)
  • MBA forecasts a 4.2% increase ($1.2 Trillion in Purchase Originations) in 2019
  • Continued market saturation as new lenders enter the field

With these market changes quickly occurring, How are you going to survive in the mortgage market?

Download a recorded playback of this live event as AI Foundry discusses the current headwinds in the mortgage market and how these can be cushioned as you plan and go into 2019. How are you planning to capture your share of the forecasted 4.2% increase in originations? Are you capitalizing enough of the loan process?

Please complete the registration below to access the recording: