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On-Demand Webinar: Agile Mortgages Product Spotlight

AI Foundry is revolutionizing the way loan data is processed and enhancing overall customer experience. Our Agile Mortgages solution, built on our Cognitive Business Automation Platform, brings together the front and back office to create a “Digital One Office” that automates the entire loan process and reduces manual document review, improves data accuracy, and enhances performance from POS to LOS. 

Lenders are experiencing are multitude of challenges— margins are compressing as the 30-year fixed mortgage rate has increased and overall mortgage application volume falls, revenue from originations is falling and rising production costs are reducing net production income per loan, and lenders must improve the customer experience and meet customer expectation throughout the home-buying journey to remain competitive and maintain market share. To survive in the mortgage market lenders need a digital solution like the new Agile Mortgages Solution packed with new advanced features.

Download a replay of this live webinar to see first-hand how Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine vision, and machine learning technology are enhancing the mortgage process. See how the new Agile Mortgages solution can help your organization

  • Increase accuracy levels to 90%
  • Reduce loan processing times by 50%
  • Speed mortgage approvals from weeks to hours
  • Achieve an average savings of $500-$600 per loan

Presented by Emily Nash-Walker, this event showcases the latest advancements in our Agile Mortgages solution and shares the ROI value from automation efficiencies. 

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