Advisory Services

Mortgage Banking Audit

AI Foundry process automation experts will review your internal mortgage business processes and provide a report as to which manual processes that can be automated, a frugal approach to handling exceptions and how processes can be eliminated or collapsed. 

"The task for CIOs is exciting and fundamental. It’s the difference between deploying the latest shiny mobile app and reconstructing the end-to-end business processes to become a digital business."— Digitization and the Effect on the BPM Lifecycle, Craig Le Clair, principal analyst, Forrester Research

An Mortgage Banking Audit (MBA) consultant will visit your headquarters and spend three days onsite to map your current processes and interview your team leaders to get a detailed perspective on your business. The consultant will then take another two days working with our system architects to finalize our recommendations and generate a tailored report. This report will then be reviewed with you to fully understand our recommendations.

Understanding and Streamlining Your Business Processes

Our report will detail which manual processes can be automated, outline a frugal approach to handling exceptions and suggest ways processes can be eliminated or collapsed. The report will then be reviewed with management.

We know the mortgage industry has unique challenges such as:

  • Too much time and too many people required to process a loan
  • Ensuring all data required is collected
  • Thorough document verification
  • Keeping your applicant engaged and informed
  • Collecting all documentation supporting decision to approve a loan

Our process automation specialists uncover and help:

  • Streamline and eliminate bottlenecks 
  • Create a positive customer experience
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower your cost per loan
  • Determine where, when and how to apply AI, RPA and cloud services

Our services team is here for you every step of the way.

Learn how our service-oriented approach eliminates the upfront time and cost associated with installing, configuring and training your technical teams. 

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